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  • C. R. Shalizi and J. P. Crutchfield, "Computational Mechanics: Pattern and Prediction, Structure and Simplicity", Journal of Statistical Physics 104 (2001) 819--881.
    [Abstract] [ps.gz] [ps] [pdf]
    Santa Fe Institute Working Paper 99-07-044. http://arxiv.org/abs/cond-mat/9907176.
  • C. R. Shalizi and J. P. Crutchfield, "Information Bottlenecks, Causal States, and Statistical Relevance Bases: How to Represent Relevant Information in Memoryless Transduction", Advances in Complex Systems 5 (2002): 1--5.
    [Abstract] [ps.gz] [ps] [pdf]
    Santa Fe Insitute Working Paper 00-07-035. arXiv.org/abs/nlin.AO/0006025.
  • D. R. Upper, "Theory and Algorithms for Hidden Markov Models and Generalized Hidden Markov Models", Ph.D. Dissertation, Mathematics Department, University of California (February 1997).
    [Abstract] [ps.gz] [pdf.gz]
  • J. P. Crutchfield, "The Calculi of Emergence: Computation, Dynamics, and Induction", Physica D 75 (1994) 11-54.
    Santa Fe Institute Working Paper 94-03-016.
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    [Abstract] [ps.gz] [ps] [pdf]
    Santa Fe Institute Working Paper 94-03-011.
  • J. P. Crutchfield, "Semantics and Thermodynamics", in Nonlinear Modeling and Forecasting, SFI Studies in the Sciences of Complexity, Proc. Vol. XII, M. Casdagli and S. Eubank, editors, Addison-Wesley, Reading, Massachusetts (1992) 317-360.
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