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Learning in Autonomous Robot Collectives


Single-Agent Learning Theory top

  • Pattern Discovery
  • Limits to Learning
  • Learning Channels; Agents as Transducers
  • Synchronization to the Environment
  • Cognitive Complexity vs. Structural Complexity
  • Incremental Learning
  • Learning Rates

Collective Cognition and Multi-Agent Learning Theory top

  • Multi-Agent Dynamical Systems
  • Dynamics of High-Dimensional Systems
  • Measures of Cooperativity
  • Stability and Complexity of Reinforcement-Learning Agents
  • Measures of Collective Cognitive Ability
  • Emergence of Distributed Adaptation
  • Symbolic Dynamics of Non-Equilibrium Games Among Adaptive Agents
  • Synchrony and Coherence in Large Dynamical Networks
  • Collective Cognition Workshop, 22-26 January 2002, Santa Fe Institute

Dynamic Learning in Autonomous Robotic Vehicle Collectives top

  • Vehicle Requirements
  • Grounds Data Logging System