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Amsterdam 2016
Complexity Sciences Center, Director
Distinguished Professor of Physics
Physics Department
197 Physics Building
One Shields Avenue
University of California, Davis
Davis, CA 95616-8572
530-754-4885 (fax)
chaos (at) ucdavis (dot) edu


President and Scientific Director
   Art & Science Laboratory
   104 Spruce Street
   Santa Fe, NM 87501
   chaos (at) artscilab (dot) com

External Faculty
    Santa Fe Institute
Member, Board of Directors
    Telluride Science Research Center
Visiting Scholar
    Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience
    Institute of Unknown Purpose

Full Book | PDF Summary | PDF Report Brief
Evolutionary Dynamics: Exploring the Interplay of Selection, Accident, Neutrality, and Function
J. P. Crutchfield & P. Schuster, Oxford University Press (2003)
Complexity: 5 Questions
Carlos Gershenson, editor, Automatic Press (2008)
Beyond the Digital Hegemony—Intrinsic & Designed Computation: Information Processing in Dynamical Systems
J. P. Crutchfield, B. Ditto, & S. Sinha, American Institute of Physics (2010)
Randomness, Structure, & Causality—Measures of Complexity from Theory to Applications
J. P. Crutchfield & J. Machta, American Institute of Physics (2011)