John Mahoney

local branch on git

How to add new features using a branch.

Note that this is all local - there is no interaction with a central repository. I will write another tutorial for now to do all of the below while keeping the process synced with the central repository.

First create a new branch in ...

quantum meeting

Resources for fellow quantum mechanians

Online lectures to watch: link

tex tips!

Stop bouncing!

I find it quite frustrating when, after scrolling to the bottom of the page, the editor bounces back, often obscuring a line or two of text.

Here is how to turn that off.

For Mac OS apps:

defaults write -g NSScrollViewRubberbanding -int 0

to reverse this;

defaults delete ...

matplotlib tips!

Plot a sequence of colored lines

Plot a sequence of colored lines where each line is colored according to some other property. A colorbar connects the color with the numerical values. There are a few tricks to getting this to behave as you would like, and also to look nice ...

cluster tips

How to use the cluster

Notes for me on how to use the Daemon cluster stolen with permission from Ryan by way of Dmitry.

Make an account here. Please note that you must be MURI-affiliated and pre-approved to use these computing resources.

Get the script.

git clone https ...

Die .DS_Store, die!

.DS_Store files are a pain in the git!

When they crop up in your repo, here's what to do. First set up your global gitignore to always ignore these things.

$ git config --global core.excludesfile ~/.gitignore
$ echo *.DS_Store >> ~/.gitignore

Then remove each one from the list of tracked files ...

python tips

How to use Jupyter notebook and iPython at the same time

I often find that when I am working in a notebook that am unsure of some small thing like: whether a variable has been defined, the shape of an array, if an operation will broadcast correctly, etc. Using just ...

Occam's Quantum Strop

Our paper "Occam's Quantum Strop: Synchronizing and Compressing Classical Cryptic Processes via a Quantum Channel" was just published in Scientific Reports!

Lather up and get your copy here.

Non-technical overview

We are interested in discrete, stationary, stochastic processes.

What are those? you might ask..

Some examples: - the Fair Coin ...