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The EvCA group is headed by physicist James P. Crutchfield and computer scientist Melanie Mitchell (OHSU). At any time, the group is complemented by a number of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Below is a list of the current and former group members. Clicking on a name will take you to the personal home page of the respective group member. Or you can send any of us email by clicking on the respective group member's email address.

Current group members:

James P. Crutchfield chaos at cse.ucdavis.edu
Wim Hordijk wim@santafe.edu
Melanie Mitchell mm@cse.ogi.edu
Erik van Nimwegen erik@santafe.edu
Ludo Pagie ludo@santafe.edu

Former group members:

Rajarshi Das raja@santafe.edu
Patrik D'haeseleer patrik@cs.unm.edu
James E. Hanson hanson@santafe.edu
Peter Hraber pth@santafe.edu
Adam Messinger amessing@santafe.edu