Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Complex Systems: Nationally advertised, highly competitive two-year fellowship award. Bring today’s creative young scientists to CSC.

Visiting Research Professorships: Involve the most talented and experienced scientists in complex systems to CSC.

Science of Complex Systems Seminar Series: Weekly seminar series featuring cutting-edge research on cross-cutting themes from across the scientific and engineering spectrum.

Physics of Complex Systems Graduate Program: The best way to reduce new research results to practice: Support course development for CSC’s graduate program in complex systems.

Innovation Network Memberships: Attend CSC Seminars & Workshops. Send your researchers to work with CSC faculty. Invest in your future by training students for the multimodal challenges of modern high technology and business.

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A Multidisciplinary

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Funder: ARO

Recent Awards:

Information Engines: Nanoscale Control, Computing, and Communication Out of Equilibrium, CSC was awarded this Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI), Jim Crutchfield (PI).

Predicting and Controlling Systems of Interdependent Networks: Exploiting interdependence for control, CSC was also awarded this MURI, Raissa D’Souza (PI) and Jim Crutchfield (Co-PI).

Both MURIs provide substantial, long-term funding to expand CSC research in complex systems. See Office of the Secretary of Defense press release: