Project Talks for Physics of Computation
(Physics 256B, Spring 2022)

15-minute presentations + 5-minute discussion!

31 May: 12:10-1:30 PM:

  1. Omar Aguilar: AI Physics and Computation Mechanics
  2. Anastasia Belenkii: Intrinsic Computation in Purposeful Agents
  3. Andrew Diggs: Scale-Invariant Thermodynamics and Information in Ising Models
  4. Juan Carlos Gelvez: Ancient Antarctica and Greenland Climates: Information measures from ice core data

2 June: 12:10-1:30 PM:

  1. Jules Litman-Cleper: Measuring the Organization in Self-Organizing Perceptual Maps
  2. Arthur Plaud: Spontaneous Mutations in Population Dynamics and Phase Transitions
  3. Christian Pratt: Is a Biological Organism a Computer?
  4. Kuen Wai Tang: Information Engines

Project not complete? That's expected. Focus your presentation on introducing the subject area. We are a diverse group. So, teach us a bit about your field, your interests, and your project.

You'll have another week and a half to finish up the project.

The preferred report format, use as a guide, is described here.