Python Programming

Here is a series of introductions to Python programming—programming oriented towards scientific and mathematical uses. I recommend working through them in order. We are going to work through one per week in the order given below. They are the focus of the programming labs.

Keep your chosen Python reference nearby and learn to refer to it. The series of introductions is intended to get to useful scientific programming quickly and, in doing so, leaves out many of the details that a reference will systematically develop.


Have iPython running so that you can test what the introductions describe as you read along.

To get started with iPython go to the tutorial.

The introductions are schematic. They assume you will use iPython to probe around and test the features and commands that are described. If something's confusing, look up the relevant sections in the Python book or in the online Python documentation, whose links are given below.


There are programming exercises. These will be assigned each week and are due the following week.

Programming Labs Last updated 22 October 2012