Funding Opportunities


Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Complex Systems: Nationally advertised, highly competitive two-year fellowship award. Bring today’s creative young scientists to CSC.

Visiting Research Professorships: Involve the most talented and experienced scientists in complex systems to CSC.

Science of Complex Systems Seminar Series: Weekly seminar series featuring cutting-edge research on cross-cutting themes from across the scientific and engineering spectrum.

Physics of Complex Systems Graduate Program: The best way to reduce new research results to practice: Support course development for CSC’s graduate program in complex systems.

Innovation Network Memberships: Attend CSC Seminars & Workshops. Send your researchers to work with CSC faculty. Invest in your future by training students for the multimodal challenges of modern high technology and business.

Participate and Help


  Agouron Foundation, ARO, DARPA

  Department of Energy, FQXi, Intel

  NASA, National Institutes of Health

  National Science Foundation

  Santa Fe Institute, Sun Microsystems,

  John Templeton

Recent Awards:

Information Engines: Nanoscale Control, Computing, and Communication Out of Equilibrium, CSC was awarded this Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI), Jim Crutchfield (PI).

Predicting and Controlling Systems of Interdependent Networks: Exploiting interdependence for control, CSC was also awarded this MURI, Raissa D’Souza (PI) and Jim Crutchfield (Co-PI).

Both MURIs provide substantial, long-term funding to expand CSC research in complex systems. See Office of the Secretary of Defense press release: