Software Tools for Natural Computation and Self-Organization

The Python package CMPyComputational Mechanics in Python, pronounced “campy”— provides software tools to do many of the basic and advanced analytical, numerical, statistical estimation, and graphical tasks that are part and parcel of computational mechanics. Related packages provide tools for dynamical systems and information theory, which are the focus of the course's first quarter.

The good news is that these are all available via your browser:

  1. Go to The CMPy Notebook for Physics 256.
  2. Get an account, using the instructions there.
  3. Learn basic SAGE and how to use SAGE notebooks. (See tutorial links there.)
  4. For CMPy documentation, go to CMPy docs.
  5. If you need more help with Python programming, see the tutorials and documentation and the programming books over in Supplemental Reading.

How to load data into SageCMPy generated from other programs

Use the text version of related SageCMPy worksheet.