Project Talks for Physics of Computation
(Physics 256B, Spring 2018)

12-minute presentations!

Lunch provided.

5 June: 12:10-1:30 PM, 185 Physics.

  1. Ander Aguirre: A Few Experiments in 2-D Information Theory
  2. Alexander Blaine: Decision Trees and the Dynamics of Classification
  3. Benjamin Cohen-Stead: The Anatomy of a Spin—A Frustrated Ising Model
  4. Zongjian Fan: Quantum Chaos in Spin-½ Chain
  5. Adam Getchell: Quantum Gravity using Hidden Markov Models
  6. Alaina Gibbons: Effect of Temperature and Environment Changes on the ε-Machine of a Harmonic Oscillator
  7. Keerthi Vasan G. C.: When Life Gives you a Taylor Series, Make a Continued Exponential Out of It

7 June: 12:10-1:30 PM, 185 Physics.

  1. Zhe Wei Kho: Restricted Boltzmann Machine Representation of Many-Body Systems
  2. Adam Kunesh: Games and Competition: What Makes a Pro?
  3. Carter Loftus: Inferring Influence in a Baboon Troop using Information Theory
  4. Tyson Neuroth: Thoughts on Algorithmic Information theory, Physical Processes, and Neural Networks
  5. Ronaldo Ortez: Information Theory in General Relativity and Quantum Field Theory
  6. Kyle Ray: Variations on a Demonic Theme—Szilard's Other Engine
  7. Mikhael Semaan: Thermodynamic Cost of (Elementary) Computation

Project not complete? That's expected. Focus your presentation on introducing the subject area. We are a diverse group. So, teach us a bit about your field, your interests, and your project. You'll have another week and a half to finish it up.

The preferred format, use as a guide, is described here.