Problem Sets for Physics of Information (256A) and Physics of Computation (256B)

Winter: Physics of Information (256A)

Starting with the Week 1 Homework: Assignments and interactive labs are available through the CMPy Server.

To complete these assignments:
  1. Log into your account there.
  2. Click on Published. This is our shared space, where homework and lab worksheets are posted.
  3. Click on the worksheet for the appropriate assignment.
  4. Make a copy of it for your own use by clicking on Edit this.
  5. Now, click on Home, which is your work space. You'll see a copy of the worksheet there.
  6. File -> Rename the worksheet by adding your name at the end. For example: “Homework 8 Asa Calow”.
  7. Work out your solutions there by adding and editing text and code cells to the worksheet.
  8. When done, Share the worksheet with user homework.
  9. We will make a copy of your worksheet at the end of the day on which it is due.
  10. We will Share with you the commented and graded worksheet: “GRADED Homework 8 Asa Calow”.
We strongly recommend that you first work through the SAGE tutorial, also linked on the CMPy Server home page, before starting your first assignment.